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The Future of Payroll

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The Future of Payroll: Preparing for Deserved Investment

By 2025, businesses will be investing more in their payroll technology, according to 88% of Chief HR Officers and Chief Financial Officers (World’s Economic Forum, 2018).

Reward Strategy and SD Worx hosted a live webinar on 15 November 2019 to help organisations understand how payrollers are preparing for incoming investment, how they need and want to spend it, and the challenges they need to overcome ahead of 2025.

Following a Payroll Leader’s roundtable, experts reveal the professions’ thoughts on:

  • How to prove the strategic value of payroll to a business
  • How often payroll should be reviewed – and how to complete this task
  • The benefits of in-house versus outsourced payroll
  • How innovative payroll solutions can improve employee experience and business results
  • Reducing downtime and inefficiency in payroll IT

The session was co-hosted by Amber-Ainsley Pritchard, Editor of Reward Strategy and Simon Parsons, Director of Payments, Benefits & Compliance Strategies at SD Worx UK.

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